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2016-2017 Schedules and Registration

Summer 2017

Summer 2017 webinar schedule

Registration opens soon!

Fall 2017

Fall 2017 webinar schedule

Registration opens soon!
The fall semester begins August 21, 2017.

Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Webinar Schedule

Registration is now closed for 16-week classes for the spring 2017 semester.

However, workshops that begin in April are still available!

Register online now!

Spring 2017 Per Course Registration Fees:
     $20/course (nonrefundable)

Spring 2017 Tuition Fees:

  1. Standard 16-week Semester Class:        $235/semester
    Essay/Creative Writing Semester Class: $299/semester
    Optional Writing Supplement:                  $149/semester
    12-week Scratch Workshop:                    $189/session
    6-session workshops:                              $99/session

Alternate payment plans are available for those who would like to use CA charter school funds to cover tuition fees. Online G3 is currently an approved vendor for all IEM schools (Ocean Grove, Sky Mountain, South Sutter), Connecting Waters, Golden Valley Charter School, California Pacific/Excel, iLead, Pathways Charter, Inspire Schools, Pathways Academy, Sage Oak Charter, Delta Empire, and Forest Charter. If you would like to request that G3 become a vendor for your school, please contact us!

2016-17 Calendar (downloadable PDF)

Spring Semester 2017:

Orientation Week: 1/17-1/20

First Day of Webinars: 1/23

Daylight Savings Time Change for G3: 3/12

Spring Break: 4/3-4/7

Last Day of Webinars: 5/19

Summer Session 2017:


Fall Semester 2017:

First Day of Fall Semester:  8/21

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